Strontrace - Beurtveer - Visserij - Liereliet

April 2020


Last week one after another sailing event has been cancelled. The Zeilvaart College Workum, Vereniging Zeilvracht, Stichting Liereliet Workum, Visserijvereniging Workum and Stichting Zeilvaart-Warmond empathize with these organizers.
2020 without Skûtsjesilen, Sail Amsterdam, de Zachtebedrace and all those other bustling events.
We are going to miss it, because it are all events in which we are meeting each other and catching up.

For now we really want to let go the Strontweek from Oktober 9 – 17 2020 ahead. We make plans for if…. then...and try to look in the future. The meter and a half will be a problem for all the event parts. Besides every event part has its own problems. At the end of May we want to have a better idea about the possibilities.

For the time being, we assume that on Monday Oktober 12th the command “En nou oprotten” as usual will be blast through the harbor, that Warmond can change the bulbs for stront, that passengers can look forward to the arrival in Amsterdam, that Liereliet has had many busty singers for an enthusiastic audience, that the wooden-shoe sailors proudly go through Workum, that the smell of smoked fish blows over the market and that de fishermen can expand their lines and nets.


Maarten Offinga